Orange Saturdays

So as you can see even bob is in Halloween mode this week and the main way you can see this is that the entire comic is orange. Now you may think that's just too much orange and I'm being unoriginal and dull, but actually it is very orange for a reason. My cousin, who has been helping me with my Halloween party, was suitably disgusted when she found out that the colour scheme was red black and white, one because we had a colour scheme but mostly because there were no orange decorations at all and she just didn't think it would feel like Halloween without them. So the extremely orange nature of this week's comic is dedicated to my cousin to make up for her orange free Halloween, I hope it helps. You may also have noticed that Tallulah never made it back for this week's comic as expected, you will be relieved to know that the flu that prevented her from joining us last upload has loosened its grip on her, but unfortunately she needed some more time off to get her strength back, but hopefully she will be here next time cos to be honest I think she's just starting to take the apple juice.