Scribed by Adam Calderhead ; Printed by Jonathan Gibbons
Don't bore us, get to the chorus!

I've got into the habit of explaining things in the classics. Adam writes the wee line at the bottom and I draw it. But I do find it hard sometimes to ensure that the viewer understands what I'm trying to convey in the art, so I tend to add extra text and explain things.

I had a narrator line under each part of art on this one, but the Editor-In-Chief said that he didn't think it was required and that it'd be better if I took it out. I'm glad he thinks so, cause it's nice to convey things using art without needing a running narrative. It's almost like having to explain a joke after it's been told.

I hope you all understand it ok, but for those who don't, the text was: 180 gets chicks! - 180 flies so fast it reverses time itself! - 180 no longer has chicks.