And the peasants rejoiced!

First of all, if you didn't know, the term 'civvies' is another new term to the comic, which basically means 'civilian clothing', e.g. what a superhero wears when he's not superheroing!

Secondly! I'd like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Justin Winslow. Why would you want to do that I hear you cry? Because without him, several of these comics wouldn't look as good as they already do!

Justin made the fantastic backgrounds for the aisle that 180 is standing in, and I've used them for 4 comics I think so far...with probably more to come!

The reason I have been doing this is; A. I'm lazy, B. To stay consistant, and C. They're freaking fantastic! Head over to his website and check out the rest.

And another thing to do? CHECK OUT THE FORUMS! The more you guys use them, the better for the site! It's a great gathering place for all of you, and your ideas! Got something to say? Use the forums!