Sexual in your endo.

I love a bit of innuendo...actually I love a lot of innuendo. I can't get enough of it!

Don't know if the 'zzziiip!' is required or not, but I put it there just in case the joke wasn't obvious...I had to read it twice to get it! Hilarious though!

Anyways, as I said last week, I'm doing the comics differently. This time what I did was the WHOLE thing was done on the drawing tablet! Pencils, inks, and colours, all done straight onto the computer. I'm getting the hang of it! If you read the front page you'll have seen that I've mentioned that I messed up. Basically I had to draw the comic twice, and it was better the first time! Bit choppier looking this time coz I was in a rush, but I'll say that I'm loving the drawing tablet! (Even if you can't see why, lol.)