My ways = set.

Hello fans, non-fans and potential fans! This chaptisode was originally going to go a little differently with the team trying to find the door to the big hamster ball they call a car. However, my design for the SPHERE-Mobile meant that the door was clearly visible. I mentioned to Gibbons that I wanted to use my design, but that I didn't want to lose the original idea for the joke, so I was possibly going to draw the car camouflaged.

'Who left the camo on?' was Gibbons reply. I thought it was hilarious. Not funnier than the previous idea, but just as funny in a different way.

So, I got to work. I'd noticed I hadn't gotten around to doing those '10 different ways of doing the comic', but the reason is, I'm just happy with the way it's being done! Minus the obligatory copy and paste (sorry guys) I love how it's turning out. Nowhere NEAR the best looking webcomic, but good in my eyes anyways. I'm not sure if I'm going to shade it, because I really like the unfinished look for the comic, and sometimes I lose the charm of the comic via shading.
Let me know what you think.