Your name is so demeaning, Sidekick!

Sidekick, I think this was the last of the team that I imagined. I'm trying my hardest not to release the characters in any order at all! Sidekick has the power to...well, side kick very well. And that's about it!

She's also the smartest member of the group, and is in no way the typical 'kid sidekick' of comics, but named in this way on purpose of course!

I hope you like her. And I hope I didn't mess up the side kick drawing too much! Not exactly a martial artist so I'm not sure how it's supposed to look exactly!

Finally...I know I'm really disappointing with the backgrounds of the frames, but I did it on the first character intro for time saving and now for consistencies sake I must go on! Back to regularly scheduled programming as of the launch of Chaptisode #1! Stay tuned.