There's actually a story behind this chaptisode and it's not as big a cop-out as it seems!

Basically for #26 (the big one with the cookie fight) Jonathan originally had it written that Inky would be walking around the background grabbing cookies out of the oven, hence the re-write for #27. The original #27 was the previous Hepatitis Bee one, but again with Inky walking around the background, only this time he was mopping up his pee.

Inky was far too much to fit in both comics as there was already a ton of things going on! So, I decided to split both of them apart. And this is the result!

I'd always wanted to do a textless comic anyways, and since we'd been neglecting Inky a little I decided to use the background details to create an entirely new comic!

Chaptisode #21 had an example of a speech bubbleless comic, but there was a sound effect, meaning there was actually still text!

Usually when Inky pees himself I use a 'splish' sound effect, but I intentionally didn't use it this time, which is why I didn't just have a close up on his face on frame 3!

Another fun thing to note is that Inky's nose gets unintentionally larger each frame!

The end. :)