I've actually spent almost the entire week doing this comic. Not because it was necessarily hard, but I've been trying to spread it out and do it a bit a night.

It was actually a lot of fun!

The drawings I actually do on page for each chaptisode are ridiculous, and I might upload a few at a later date just to show you; but each character for each frame I draw seperately unless they're directly interacting, and I draw them near poster size and have to shrink them down!

It's a pain, but it's easier for me to do...although it does take a while.

We had a lot of discussion with this, which is great coz I like when we both have input!

It was Jonathan's idea to have the next chaptisode written on the flipchart which I love! And I got to have my input during a brainstorming session for the last frame.

Makes it feel more like a team effort.