Not well timed.

I don't really like this comic much art-wise...I'm starting to see the flaws in drawing my characters seperately and trying to put them together in a comic. When there's a lot of action I spend more time moving everything about trying to get it right than actually DOING the comic.

Anyways, I've started a thing for 90Degree Man where his eyes change colour (and shape also to some effect) when his mood changes. Such as, when he is angry, they're red, and currently they are soft blue to signify communication.

I like when characters have things. Just something that makes them stand out.

If you look back on the comics you'll see that I gradually gave characers 'things' they originally didn't have. Such as 180's nose, which was originally tiny in the intro and first chaptisode, but by the third chaptisode was already gradually getting bigger!

I'm going to note all my quirks down in the character bios at some point...