.*..*.*..* Dave: 05/12/2005 .*..*.*..*.
	Mood: v.v
	Listening to: FF OST

	I'm lazy, busy and fat. Fuck me! I don't care.
	Well not that I'm finished being on the offensive,
	I would like to do my monthly "I'm sorry". I say 
	monthly 'cause its starting to be a monthly fucking
	update. I can't even attend an incredibly rad party
	without being accosted by loving squirrel fans needing
	their weekly does of meaningless cartoon crap. What
	can i say? Even my dispatcher is asking me lol.
	"Yeah....I know."
	I don't even know where to start with my news. I guess
	i should start with the topic on everyones lips right
	now - the xbox360!
	Do I have mine? No. I didn't order it quick enough, so
	I treated my rad self to a motherfuckin' PSP ^^
	I'm been meaning to get one for ages and after waking up
	on Friday, and having a distinct lack of Xbox360,
	I decided I should go get myself one. Go me.
	Next topic on everyone's mind;
	"Chargrilled squirrels - Are they shit or are they just
	really disabled?"
	Yes folks. We sucked at the last gig. I'm glad to announce
	that we have another stomach turning monstrosity coming 
	up this month. 19th of December folks. Roll up, roll up.
	Tickets are 5 and overcharged by about 4.99. I can
	however promise you all a very festive and merry gig,
	filled with the usual crap + a cover to cheer us all up.
	"What's the cover?" I don't have a clue. I'm sure it'll
	be just as much a surprise to me as it is you guys.
	I'm actually drawing up a flyer so I hope you'll all
	save it, copy it and hand it out to every person on earth.
	This does not mean i'm not going to draw a comic for the 
	next 3 weeks. In fact, i had this one done last week, but
	I just didn't get the typing done for it. Ces't la Vie
	In other news; I read Batman's Hush series the other day.
	Onlookers verified that I screamed "Jim lee is my Dad! and
	I'm desperate to have his fuck babies!" Ah........ Jim ^^
	A must read for all peeps bored of this crappy site lol.
	Not much else folks. I'd promise another update tomorrow
	with news, but since working for the man and becoming a big
	fat square, I just seem to want to drink rather than draw.
	Not to mention I have a hottie in my room right now patiently
	watching me type while telling me how to make turkish 

	Until the next time I update, this is Dave signing off!
	*does a Doofy salute*
	1'm 8atm4n

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