The Chargrilled squirrels have been producing pop-punk for a plethora of years
	(4 exactly if you're talking about when we first picked up guitars
	and played in front of our drunk aunties, uncles and grandparents,
	but 2 if count it from the time we first played in public).
	A blend of melodic riffs, much like blink182, and aggressive basslines similar to that of NOFX.
	Having played most venues around glasgow, and lanarkshire, the band is now looking
	to really make an impression on the music community, focusing on getting somewhere,
	free from of a lot of people who would want to minipulate their sound for they're own money making means.
	With 2 E.P's so far, and one in development, they aren't showing any signs of ageing and they're sound
	continues to strengthen. 


	For more information, music and gig news, please visit the band's web site.

	For downloads, please visit our profile on Pure Volume
	Pure Volume
	Check us out on MySpace too.
	MySpace ^.^

	Big shout out to POL who was a squirrel at the start, but grew his wings and glided
	on to another tree, climbing up another path along with his green strat. =) 
	And, yes, that is a cheesier, nicer version of what happened. No hard feelings P.