This is Alan. Guitarist/ Vocalist to the chargrilled squirrels, and brother 
	to me. A quick description of our relationship is that we fight like brothers do
	and stick up for each other the same way. We're the cyclops and havoc of the group.
	(If any one didn't get that analogy, its two characters from X-men. A recommended read =).  
	He attends University full time, doing a degree in product design engineering (don't ask me?!), 
	and works part-time on saturdays.
	He thinks he is by far the best gamer to ever grace the land of N.S. but has
	had his fair share of virtual tankings just like us all. He hates to loose but in his defence
	he rarely does.

	Gibbons, jonathan, JG, gibs.... Whatever you want to call him. He's the drummer,
	and my cousin. The Clark Kent to my Bruce wayne (another comic ref. If you don't
	follow please go and do your homework!). A graduate holding an honours degree
	in 'maths with applicable computing', currently looking for that ever elusive
	career path. He's always carrying on and very rarely takes anything too seriously.

	Well, so far I have described myself as being similar to bruce wayne, and cyclops,
	but to my knowledge, not many people see me like that. I'm the shaggy Rodgers of 
	the trio (scooby doo! Come on guys, I'm not even going to link you to a description). 
	Although I don't have a cool dog, I do have a software engineering degree, 
	and I am also looking for a career somewhere, anywhere. Ohhhh!... I'm The bassist too.
	By far the most talented and sk1lled (NOT!).
	I am quite, ummmmm.... how would I put this?...... stupid, when I have a drink in me, and
	have been know to go into the wrong bathroom in pubs, and occasionally ralf in taxis.
	Nuff said really.

	-----------: Sookie :---------------

	This is Sookie. She's my cat. Thats all I have to say about her.


	-----------: Peach :---------------

	Peach is my sister, and Alans too obviously. Currently at High School
	but it's not long before she has to face the crap life of being a
	student at Uni. Then she'll have to get a job which is also crap.
	Actually her life will just be crap once she leaves just like the rest
	of us. She's the secondry mother figure to us all but will never be able
	to talk to me or Alan for any length of time without either of us making
	fun of her. Hummm... what else? She has had a crush on most of our friends
	but we have also been out with a couple of hers. Its cool having a younger
	sister, who's friends are hot.


	-----------: Sara :---------------

	Petite, french talking goth of N.S. Blonde but not as dumb as
	the usual stereotype. Loves the bands we like, the games and
	the TV shows. Quite r4d. Says her middle name is Vivica so 
	she has been given the nickname Vivi for her love of all things
	Final fantasy, but only dumb specky geeks on MSN call her that.
	High schooler (man I have too many high-schoolies in this, people,
	 might get the wrong idea), and best friend to Peach.


	-----------: Adam A.K.A. PapaSquirrel :---------------

	Yes folks, he's made it into the character page at long last.
	Most of you will know him as the ever l33t Papa Squirrel, and
	others, as just Alan's friend Adam. He shares my undying lust
	to kill Alan in every game he takes part in, but has better
	results than I'll ever have. He lived with Alan for a while
	(not as partners you understand lol) and did nothing other
	than "Spar" with Alan on the PS2 & Gamecube. By far, one of the 
	biggest supporters of this crappy site- but this may be due
	to the fact he has a lot of spare time on his hands. If you crazy
	squirrel-ettes out there feel like you want to move on to another
	site full of 1337 cartoons, please check out his at
	Phantom Uprising 

	-----------: Arianna - Meen :---------------

	The best wee sister anybody cold wish for. Yes another
	sibling, but this sister is 7 rather than 18. She's
	quite mad, and equally as cute. Beats up boys, plays
	pokemon, and draws like nothing on earth. She's going
	to conquer this site one day. I love her because she's
	a girl without the mood swings. I pray that keeps up
	in her teens (not a chance) She's great ^^

	Here is a picture she drew of an Ex-girlfriend of mine.

	-----------: Lauren - Lu :---------------

	Where do i start. Her artistic expertise; Her amazing
	taste in games; her liking of all things final fantasy;
	her boobs!? (kidding) She's just Wow, and I hope that
	i get to spend more time with her as ummmmm.. time goes
	on lol. She drew guest comic #2 by the way.
	Now that i have spend more time with Lu, I can't even
	express how great she is. I'm lucky to have her and *touches
	wood* hope it never stops ^^