Hi there fellow squirrels. How do you like the first ever hotsquirrelz comic drawn by Moi?
	While your here, you might as well check out the rest of the pages. The merch page is still
	in development, but I hope to have it done soon.
	If your interested in the band, please check out the offical site chargrilledsquirrels.com
	or the band page. If your interested in contacting me
	about... well, whatever... please check the contact page.
	There are also some M3ga-l33t links you should visit on the links page.
	I hope to have the cartoons and blogs updated every monday and thursday,
	and I will be updating the band page with any gigs coming up regularly, so 
	check it too. 

	Please feel free to email me about anything. I prefer general money making mail, but I'm going
	to a email of my choice, every week in my blog, so the crazier the content the better =)

	So until then, this is Dave signing off! :-[

	T3h gr3y 1's 5ux  
(Hint: Use this to figure out what i'm on about)