Hey guys. Just getting to grips with this all, but I think I've nailed most of it.
	This is comic #2, and still going strong. A couple of people have asked me if
	I'm going to put chargrilled squirrels music on the site for downloading; I thought
	of it but the bands site chargrilledsquirrels.com is almost up and the music is going on that, plus a load
	of photos and shit. I am going to put flyers up and change the band picture a lot
	(ross! *glares*), but I want to keep the band site seperate from the comic. A sister site 
	if you will. It looks great so far and it does actually shadow this ones quality, 
	because the guy doing it for us is amazing, so expect it to be amazing. I'm in the process
	of writing a letter to send to possible sponsers for the site/ band, and Gibbons is hoping
	to have the merch organised ASAP (tshirts, thongs, stickers, the usual lol). As soon
	as its done I'll sort out the web page. Both me and him are hoping to do a TV show reviewing
	games soon, and we've got some stuff to to for the pilot. Its going to have a cosplay theme,
	so RPD shirts (resident evil) and Moogle (final fantasy) hats all round.
	But thats enough rant for today; i have to go live a little before work.
	So until the next time, this is Dave signing off! :-[

	T3h gr3y 1's 5ux  

	I didn't think I'd have any emils to feature this soon into the running of he site
	but goo ol' gibs sent me this email to add, and it goes as follows:

	91880|\|5 |-|3r3.

	man its so cool. all the links work. and they actually link to, you know 
	stuff, rather than a sign that says 'i haven't got round to this bit yet'. 
	its really good.

	you asked for an e-mail that you can feture in your blog though, so 
	here it goes.

	'Once upon a time i was roaming the woods out back attached to my garden 
	when a seventeen headed alien jumped down from the trees and tried to shoot 
	me, but because he had seventeen heads he fell over mid shoot and a tree 
	(which wasn't hard since it is a forest). the tree promptly fell over, 
	hitting another tree, dominoing a whole line of trees until the last one in 
	the line fell on top of the alien spacecraft and crushed it into a million 
	(or at least two) steaming bits.

	the moral of this story is "if you are an alien with seventeen heads from 
	the planet 'planet of the aliens with the seventeen heads' then buy a pair 
	of crutches before you try to shoot anyone with your tree destroying ray 
	gun, cause otherwise you might fall over".'

	----:DAVE's REPLY:----

	Ahh Gibbons..... such truth and poetry in your words. I met that alien myself,
	and to be honest his huge balls freaked me out more than the heads, but thats
	just me. He was just sitting next to this pile of junk with a couple of trees
	round it crying. I bought him a drink though and by the end of the night he was
	doing all the dances to STEPS songs and trying to call his mum for a lift from 
	the pub. Pussy.
	I really should stop talking crap now and get on with some real work.
	Thanx 91880|\|5 for your moralistic email. I hope more come my way, and that I'm
	funnier and less asleep when I reply.

	Yours jobbily jobbily (doesn't have as much of a ring to it does it?!)

(Hint: Use this to figure out what i'm on about)