.*..*.*..* Dave: 13/11/2005 .*..*.*..*.
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	Yeah; so its been a while. Why don't you all sue
	me? lol What can I say? Sorry doesn't really cover
	a 3 week absence to be honest, and the above comic 
	really doesn't. Its been crazy, but I finally think
	I have found some kind of stability. Last week doesn't
	count though. 
	For those who want to know about last week, it involved
	1 crappy squirrels gig + the taste of chaos tour mixed
	in with some early mornings and a work's night out. I was
	even partaking in some Buckfast drinking, it was so
	crazy lol. What can I say; You can take the boy out
	of NS but you can't take NS out the boy. I think it was 
	a pathetic attempt at recapturing something which I know
	for a fact, after these past few weeks has died. Don;t
	get me wrong- I'm glad it has. In fact drinking it and
	a shite load of tequila lead me to a night of disarray,
	wandering past the Glasgow Hilton about 6 times looking
	for the last train home. Its just that I've noticed these
	past few weeks things have became much more mature.
	Lunch in tupperware containers; taking reading material
	into the toilet whilst dumping your load for the 2nd time
	that day due to all the coffe you've drank; finding 
	that sleeping is better use of your spare time, than going
	and watching the Transformers movie with Cuz and Co. (Not that
	it's came up. We should do that Gibs ^^); Shaving every day!
	Its scary, and very very different from the usual life. 
	But i'm kinda enjoying it so far lol. I even know what a 
	fiscal quarter is! Wow. I rule..... kinda.
	Speaking of WOW, and moving quickly away from tupperware;
	it would seem those thoughts of bitter tension i had 
	towards Blizzard and they're amazing competitor to FFXi
	were all true. Well not all true, because i have yet to
	prove that the Backstreet boy have their own Guild. I was
	quite disturbed by this article though. My faith in the game
	and all games generally was boosted to a whole new Level
	though when I seen this article. Some may find it funny,
	and some might scoff and wonder how anyone could play a game
	for days on end without sleep, but then; most folk wouldn't
	understand a need to escape from normal life so much that
	it starts to take its toll and enevitably lead to destruction.
	I hope you all spare a thought for Snowy, and spend some
	time thinking of all those gamers who paid tribute to her.
	This is what its all about for us Mr. Thompson. Hope you
	can see past the obvious and ask why she may have felt the 
	urge to play for so long and see what kind of life someone
	can have online compared to what she had otherwise.

	On a lighter note, I got asked to do a strip for the work
	featuring the one and only Dave, as a incredibly bad 
	tech employee doing all the wrong things. Why was I specifically
	asked? Not for being a bad employee, for for being a bad
	artist lol. No not really. Aparently they guys liked the site
	and my Bosses seen it and asked me to depict dave in various
	different scenarios which would inevitably lead current techs
	to not do what dave does. A funny, techie kind of way to let
	folk now how definetly not to treat folk on the phones and on
	the floor. How it goes, nobody knows, but I will post the
	first strip on the site, and following issues will also be
	added. I might give it it's own page.

	I think thats all I have to say, but now that I'm back in the
	swing of things, i think i'll update later too.

	Until the next time I update, this is Dave signing off!
	*does a Doofy salute*
	0ur th0ughtz w1ll b3 w1th Sn0wy

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