.*..*.*..* Dave: 14/12/2005 .*..*.*..*.
	Mood: pooped a per
	Listening to: I don' even know what it is t be honest

	Quick Update.

	Thanks so much to Gibs and his wonderful robbery of the
	little snowflake code. Please all mail him and say thanx.

	If you haven't already guessed by the freaking flyer-

	Chargrilled Squirrels will be live and shite at the Cathouse
	on Monday the 19th of December.

	I'm struggling to get rid of my ten, so I will put this to you
	in the hope you'll email me and give me a ticket request.

	For every ticket you get off of me, you will get one of
	Arianna's and Lu's incredibly good luck Scoobies along with it.
	Just mail me the details of where you want to pick it up/ have it
	sent to before saturday and I'll sort it out.
	(You can ask me on the Guestbook too)

	Lets make this a Christmas Gig to remeber folks!

	Until the next time I update, this is Dave signing off!
	*does a Doofy salute*
	1'm 8atm4n

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Things Dave wants to do:

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