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Root's bunnyawesome


Updated: Thursday 09th April 2009
19:30 GMT

So! The new Chargrilled Squirrels demo is finished! You should all download it from myspace :)

It really is awesome. We got it back from studio the other day (thanks Martin/Ryan). So let us know what you think please :)

Anyway. First update in a while. I had a good holiday thanks for asking. Did I miss anything? Isn't Hotsquirrelz awesomecakes? I still love it! So I want all of you to write a blog of the last 6/7 weeks and send it to me. The best one gets a jellybean!


He's hip, get it? That's the Punchline.

He's a fake, a snake, and/or a birthday cake!

Updated: Wednesday 08th April 2009
08:30 GMT

The 4th Biff Kid Komic! Just 1 more to go! :)

I'll finish this blog soon, short of time.

(edit: No I wont, lol.)

-Adam, it's not pr0n, honest.

Have a bit of HotSquirrelz!

Updated: Wednesday 01st April 2009
19:30 GMT

So! Finally managed to get HotSquirrelz off Dave!

Click the button on the left and enjoy. Technically this is like, 50comics updated in one click, so that should be me sorted for another couple of years. ;)

Head over and check it out! It's pretty much a straight copy of the old site, only it's missing a Google logo that I could amend, but can't be bothered doing so for the 90 pages he has. :)


It's Biff to rock a rhyme that's right on time.

Biff! Sok! Kapow!

Updated: Wednesday 01st April 2009
18:10 GMT

The Biff returns in his third instalment.

Jonathan is back from his holidays, so expect the story back soon. Hoping to give him a little time to relax over the next little while. He just returned from Japan and Australia, so I can't really ask him to focus on anything else but the super awesome amazingness of the two. It works for me anyways since I really want to finish this series.


I'm so lazy. Sue me.

UnintetionallySexuallyNamed-Man and DairyCondiment-Boy!

Updated: Friday 27th March 2009
11:00 GMT

Hello again friends, relatives, and other appropriately named people!

I decided my Bobby Boxershorts and Cheesy Chum art was just too good to not upload as a main comic, and it has nothing to do with me not having a comic to upload. :)

Check it out! And grab it as a wallpaper below and enjoy! You know you love it. :)


Filler time!

Bobby and Cheesy! Paper for the Walls!

Updated: Thursday 26th March 2009
18:30 GMT

I apologise for this being clearly filler, but hopefully it will be appreciated anyways.

I've had this fan art drawn up for a while, but I thought I'd make a wallpaper out of it to make it a bit cooler to upload. I'm loving the graphic anyways, so I'll probably put it on a t-shirt at one point also.

Bobby Boxershorts and Cheesy Chum Wallpaper

This one is for Ryan and Matthew, hope you like it, guys!


Are you asking for a challenge?

Who puts the BIFF in Biff Kid?

Updated: Friday 20th March 2009
11:00 GMT

I hope you guys are enjoying the Biff Kid series! It's not as funny as the Jonathan written chaptisodes, but I think I'm doing ok!

Amy and Helen must be getting sick of my constant emails with updates on how I'm doing as questions on how to improve them! Thanks for the input everyone!

This mini-series is really for me to show my love for a lot of things. I'm trying to slip as many references into the comics as possible! Even the comics themselves are really to show my love for characters that have since been forgotten. was one of my favourite web sites when it was up. Dave never had access to the correct equipment or software when creating his web comic...but it didn't matter. It was well written, hilarious, and had 10x the traffic and fan base of my site, lol.

Jonathan's "Previous Adventures" showed that drawing ability means squat when weighed against writing ability. And even though his characters were just basic silhouettes, they had a certain charm to them that shined through, and you could see how well designed they were despite it all.

Guys, these are for you.



He can Biff with all the best of them!

Updated: Tuesday 17th March 2009
00:15 GMT

So, I decided I might as well do a Biff Kid! He's a character I've had ideas for for a LONG time!

Obviously I take no credit for the character as he was concocted by David Law of, and even then, he incorporates elements and ideas from the Previous Adventures section, which was written by our very own Jonathan Gibbons.

The costume design is mostly a re-imagining of the classic style Biff Kid. I was going to incorporate ideas from the original costume design, but as has been taken down, I wasn't able to get access to it.

Head on over to the comic section and check this bad boy out. ^^


A secondary update for secondary people.

Hurray for fixing what is broken!

Updated: Thursday 12th March 2009
20:30 GMT

There's two blogs today for a reason! ^^

There's been a problem with the site that has plagued me since inception. A lot of you might not have noticed, but the site only really looked it's best on medium (or smaller) text size, and sometimes only on Internet Explorer!

It's been very annoying, and my basic knowledge of this has prevented me from amending the problem! But not anymore! If you still can't tell? Great! I've did my job! There are a few minor graphical differences but at least it should put an end to the problems. :)


KickKing...he could if he wanted to!

He's the king of the world! Well, not really...

Updated: Thursday 12th March 2009
18:15 GMT

Well, Jonathan managed to get internet access and fired me over the remaining character intro! Not sure if I'll still do a Biff Kid mini-series, but I'll write up some stuff as it's not a total loss if I don't use them.

I should mention! We went to see Watchmen on Saturday, and it's had pretty raving reviews, and a few crappy ones that have really brought it's rating down. But go see it! It's absolutely fantastic!

With that said, read the comic! :D


The classic is officially new!

This is Bob. Hurray for Bob.

Updated: Friday 06th March 2009
10:00 GMT

Hey so Iím Amy, Jonathanís sister and Iím filling in for him drawing classics while heís away having fun in the sun. You may see some slight differences in the art for classics while heís away, mostly it amazing superiority over the comics that came before, lol seriously not really Iím just filling in and Iím totally cheating cos Iím using jonathans character drawing and just making new scenes for them so Iím pretty much skiving, but with due care and consideration of course lol. Once Jonathan comes back I will be posting Ďthis is bobí which is my cartoon, drawn by my own fair mouse and written in collaboration with my cousin Sarah Jane, so that will be something for you to look forward to lol.

I forgot what it was like to have a memory...


Updated: Monday 02nd March 2009
09:00 GMT

Whoa! I totally forgot it was our birthday yesterday! I'll do something tonight. I have some original fanart that you're going to LOVE! And I think I might try and make a cool wallpaper too.

Also, I need to make Amy a little face potrait for when she updates, as I think she's going to start the new Classics soon! (P.S Love ya.)

After that I need to do KickKing's character intro to finish off the set, then it will be time for part 2 of Cheesy Chum when I can find the time.

And last but not least, a Biff Kid series. Don't know how long it will last, but Jonathan is only a few weeks into his holiday so there's still a lot of time to kill before we get back into the swing of things.


New comic! The best in the world! Almost!

Is it in the box of cheese? Or in the refrigerator?

Updated: Thursday 26th February 2009
22:20 GMT

Hello again. I hold my hands up and say, "holy rusted metal Batman!"

As I was doing Cheesy Chum, I noticed that it was split into 2 parts. So I've decided to upload the first part since it's been so long since Bobby Boxershorts.

Wish I could make it up to Matthew! Might be able to with my next update...we'll see if I can wangle something good! :D

Anyways, head over to the BB+CC section for some Cheesy Chum action.


If I was cheese, I'd eat myself...

Cheese. It makes up the fabric of our reality.

Updated: Tuesday 24th February 2009
09:00 GMT

So, started Cheesy Chum on slightly distracted by Street Fighter IV. Which, omg, is amazing.

Also, turns out, Cheesy Chum is much harder to do than Bobby Boxershorts, I underestimated the level of detail. Basically, BB has 7 pages of artwork, each with 3 or 4 panels. CC has 13 pages of artwork, each with 9 or 10 panels. How this kid managed to get this amount of detail in is not known. Mixing bowls dripping with ingredients, fridges empty, but still brimming with life. And, oh yes, Tesco.

I'm going home to try and get it done tonight. Wont promise that I wont get distracted by Street Fighter again, lol, but I'll at least get most of it done.

New comic! With King-Kong! Just kiddin'.

Radioactive socks? NO! Superpowered pants!

Updated: Saturday 21st February 2009
17:30 GMT

Happy Saturday!

How's everyone doing? Extra special update today! It's Bobby Boxershorts! The guys gave me over the first issues...yes ISSUES PLURAL! Turns out, Bobby and Cheesy both started out in separate comics! So I have 2 to do!

I was going to update today with issue 21 that they gave me over originally, but I got up early and got cracking on these ones.

Turns out, it took longer than I thought! Got one done in the time I thought it would have taken me to do two! So, I'm afraid Cheesy Chum will have to wait until tomorrow. After that, I'll just be scanning the comics in and posting them as is. Part of the charm of the comic is that you can see how much work went into them, and I feel I've taken that away slightly by inking and colouring.

Anyways, posting Cheesy tomorrow gives me an excuse to space out the updates, since, thanks to RG and Goons, I'm using this opportunity to keep the site alive using their comics.

I've also updated the side bar significantly today! :) 3 new additions! The first is Bobby Boxershorts and Cheesy Chum. I'll be adding more of those as they come in from the guys. Then we have HotSquirrelz. It was taken down by the host (big Dave Law) because he wasn't updating it, so I'm going to host it here once he gives me the stuff. Lastly, is "This is Bob". Again, it's just a button for now, but this is Amy's webcomic (aka, the CtH writer in Jonathans absence) that she did with her cousin SJ. It's hilarious also!

Another huge post! Eep! Cut the Heroics is becoming a place to host the hoards of other webcomics that my friends have, and I love it! Perhaps there will be more on the way. :)

Adios muchachos,

I'm wet, I need a Madame Towel.

Happy Birthday to me...sort of.

Updated: Tuesday 17th February 2009
19:30 GMT

It was my birthday on Saturday, happy birthday to me! I also realised that the site is one year old soon! Last year I put the page up on the 29th February 2008! On paper however, my host says it is 1st March, presumably due to 29th being a leap year. So I'm going to use 1st March 2008 as our official birthday as it will save hassle when our 4th birthday comes around and it's a different date from the previous 3!

I realise I'm late with the update, I hope you'll understand as Jonathan is off to sunny Japan! He was very busy and unable to write any more chaptisodes or even the last character intro before he left! Meaning Madame  Towel is all I have for the 6 weeks he's away!

What's going to happen? Got it covered! Don't you worry yourselves!

What I was going to do, was a Biff Kid mini-series (if you don't know who Biff Kid is, then take this as an introduction to him). Helen (my better half) and Jonathan's sister Amy are going to write this series and I'm still going to draw it. As for classic heroics? Well Helen and Amy are going to tackle that too! I'm not sure how, but it will get done! :)

The main problem right now is SQUARE. As we've just did 4 out of the 5 characters, I don't want to leave it in the air, so if me and Helen manage to get a script that we're happy with, (or if Jonathan emails me one across HINT HINT!) I'm going to go ahead and use it. Cliffhangers don't happen here! Well...not in the metaphorical sense. This will mean that after the next SQUARE character intro, there will be a huge gap until the next main chaptisode!

So where does that leave us? Quite frankly I don't know! The site and comics as a whole will still be getting updated! But there's still also some awesome stuff to come! If you hadn't noticed, HotSquirrelz was taken down, so I'm going to host that site soon (then you can see Biff Kid in action!) and also Bobby Boxershorts and Cheesy Chum are being uploaded on or before Saturday (sorry for the delay guys!). I have pretty much everything ready, just need to do the speech bubbles. I even made a button for the main navigation pane!

Huge blog for this one, I apologise, but a lot has happened whilst I've been sorting everything! Might be a week before I find my footing without Jonathan there keeping me right.


Classic 24 incontinently blasts away!

Brasil! Kinda like a different country!

Updated: Monday 09th February 2009
01.40 GMT

OMG! So tired... See the time?

Anyway, Adam's been promising updates and I've not been doing work, mainly cause I've been genuinely busy, so there is a good reason behind it. I'm going away on holiday for 6 weeks, so there's some preperation to be done!

I'm nearly finished though. Thankfully :) So here's an update for ya!

Now to get some scripts to Adam before he comes into my room and beats me to death with a stick.

Late for a very important date.

Please provide a doctor, my foot is in my mouth.

Updated: Friday 06th February 2009
10:00 GMT

What is it that makes me just a little bit moronic?

Damn me and my ability to make promises we can't keep, it's ironic!

So, Jonathan can't update. How could he? He's going to Japan and doesn't have time! So why did I say it? Beats me. :)

He did manage to take time out of his busy schedule to write me the next character introduction!

I'd do it today but one of the guys in work is facing the cold hard reality that is redundancy. He's a great guy, so leaving night tonight!

Danny Rolink = legend.


Right-angled boy!

Grab a napkin homie, you just got served.

Updated: Wednesday 28th January 2009
19:00 GMT

One of my most hated things in the whole world is when we go more than 7days without an update. And 10 is a big no no!

Ah well, the Gibmeister is due an update very soon too, so at least we're one of those sites that makes up for it when there's delays! We're awesome, we know!

In the meantime, check out my boy 90Degree in his first ever-ish appearance just a click away! :D

And don't ask why he has blue skin....he just does ok!?!


Cut the Heroics, City of Heroes, Is there a connection?

No. Not really actually.

Updated: Sunday 18th January 2009
20.57 GMT

OMG I've been so busy... I've been doing karate, snowboarding, organising a trip to Japan, eating out in Waggamammas (just as important) aaaaaaaaaand recording a new demo!

We've got 4 songs on the way, and they're awesome :)

So sorry for not putting one up last week. How's everyone doing?

Don't you love it when you watch a movie and then you're totally in the mood for whatever the movie's about? Like you watch Fast and the Furious and you just want to save up and buy an amazing car and totally kit it out, or you watch Batman and you're in the mood to take on a million badguys, or you watch Wall-E and you want to be a robot?

Well have you ever done the opposite and done something cool, then thought about a movie for it? We should really write these kinds of things down and just do them. You know what? I'm totally gonna! As soon as I've got a minute...

Toilet trained girl!

Put your seat belt in. You're in for a wild ride........make sure it clicks.

Updated: Sunday 15th January 2009
19.00 GMT


Hey lads and ladettes! Been out of action for a few days PC-wise...mouse broke! Got new mouse. The world is safe again from tyrannical tyranny!

How is everyone!? I got the colours of the characters from Ryan and Matthew, our friends from Lesley's mums school, lol. So I'll need to at least get the issue I have up to give you a look at them! It's not really the type of comic where the last 20issues of story you've missed will prevent you from enjoying it.

Also, thank god Jonathan put Al the Mighty Demon in this chaptisode...I just love drawing the little guy! :D CHECK THAT SHEET OUT BOI! It's a little risquť today...hehe! She's wearing my favourite kind of clothes...not a lot. XD


He's quite bad, he's quite strong...

Coming soon...a month is soon right?

Updated: Sunday 05th January 2009
22.10 GMT

The prodigal son returns!

The Gibbownz is really outdoing me with the classics now! Need to pick up the pace! There was mucho discussions with the next set. We weren't sure if we wanted to do them all as separate intros or do them differently as a sort of poster with each intro taking up roughly a fifth of the page.

In the end I thought it was maybe best to stick to the way we've been doing it already, which meant giving Gibb more work to do (sorry again)! I'll try and still use the poster approach for...well an actual poster!

Another thing to mention is a little side project I'm working on (another one)! My friend Lesley's mum is a school teacher, and was showing her Primary7 class (roughly 5th or 6th grade for you USAers) about web published works and showed the class this site. 2 of her pupils are budding comic writers/artists, and gave us a copy of their collaborative work to peruse....and I must say we're very impressed!

Only bad thing is that they only gave us issue #21 and not issue #1! The comic is called Bobby Boxershorts and Cheesy Chum and I'll be putting it up as soon as I can get issue #1 from them!

But Adam, what's the side project I hear you ask? Well I've scanned the comic into my computer and I'm now colouring it in Photoshop. The entire comic is painstakingly and impressively hand drawn on paper, and I figured for the laugh it gave me I at least owe them to colour it! If you guys are reading this, email me at and tell me the colours of your characters! :)


Classic 22? I love Sundays :)

Put your wellies on, you'll like it when you're there.

Updated: Sunday 04th January 2009
23.50 GMT

A lot of you will be going back to work or school tomorrow. Can't be bothered. I know most of you can't be bothered either.

I'll like it once I'm there I guess. I think. I hope. If not it'll mark time for change :)

What would you be content working as for the rest of your life? Just do it. Why the hell not.

Hope everyone had fun holidays :) (almost left the date as 2008 there crazy)

P.S Thanks for the awesome comics dudes! Feedback on the way :)


21 today!

I know it's been said, many times, many ways...

Updated: Tuesday 29th December 2008
22:11pm GMT

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! And now's the time to make up the New Year resolutions! Hooray!

Dunno what mine are going to be yet. Probably 'Do even more Cut The Heroics!'. And I need to do band stuff too (which is looking sweeeeeet!).

Anyway, happy holidays everyone :) and if you're not having happy holidays, why not?? Get it sorted and have happy holidays while there are still some left :)


I dub thee Sir Chaptisode#25!

Consider thy 25th chaptisode reached!

Updated: Sunday 25th December 2008
23.50 GMT

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! It's still Christmas for another 10mins! Late night posting, oh yeah!

So, what's been happening? Not good stuff! My unspecified place of work is cutting its work force by muchos employees. I've worked out how possible it is that it will be me amongst the's looking more and more so by the day.

So, what have I been done? Not panicking. Not worrying. Actually what I've been doing is more work on my comic (hence why I started it earlier this month as opposed to doing more chaptisodes). I've never really found the time to knock out a script to get an actual published comic, but I'm making the time now.

But why am I doing this over looking for further potential employment? only live once! No use worrying! It's something I've wanted to do for a long time, and now is as good a time as any! Sorry if you guys are affected.

The man of the port no longer,

They call him SANDY CLAWS!!!


Updated: Thursday 25th December 2008
15:00pm GMT

Well hello there children! :D

What's happening with everyone? Hope you're all having a great Christmas! I have Chaptisode #25 almost complete and will be posting it at some point today, however, I need to do the whole family thing right now and wont be able to post till tonight!

Wanted to say Merry Christmas anyways. Can't imagine you guys are gonna check the site today since it's effin Christmas, but just letting you know I haven't forgotten about you.


Classic #20 Looks for a new job...

Finally made it to 20 :)

Updated: Sunday 22nd December 2008
11.59 GMT


I'm so excited about Christmas I can't jobby properly :)

Are you all ready? I'm all sorted, apart from one present that hasn't arrived yet and another that I thought I'd ordered and hadn't, and they're both for the same person...

They're going to be a bit gutted... Sorry Adz.

-Peace out!

Classic#19 Sprays it's scent.

Is that actually a thing? Boggling...

Updated: Sunday 14th December 2008
11:59pm GMT

We've got some cool ideas coming up! They're looking good :)

If you've any feedback, please drop us a mail! We're always looking to improve and stuff, although with this many quality comics I can't think of what we could do to make it even better!! Which is where you come in :)

Let us know your thoughts and the first one back will get a free link to the store!

-Jonathan, It's better than a no prize

Chaptisode #24 bursts onto the scene!

*Plays the theme music!*

Updated: Tuesday 09th December 2008
09:30am GMT

Kablamo! A little later than expected by Jonathan has definitely been keeping the site up to date with his unnatural creation speed of classics! Loving it!

Well, what's to say? Last week I got to work on a seperate comic endeavour! My original and best! And it's looking great so far! Got a first script just about complete! And then it's onwards and upwards from there!

Ended up not having time to do everything I wanted to, but what I did get around to doing is really going to help me out big time.

Anyways, check out the comic!

-Adam, The Immortal Yukio

Classic#18 rubs vigorously.


Updated:  Sunday 08th December 2008
11:59pm GMT

We've got another introduction coming up! That'll be 8 Introductions, almost hit 25 Chaptisodes, and almost hit 20 Classics! Crazyness in a bag! I'm loving the direction and feeling from the interactions between Sphere and Java/Bus - it's like they're enemies, but not really, but really, but not, you know? But they are. Really. Kinda.


Classic #17 elaborately exfoliates...

And the peasants rejoiced!

Updated: Sunday 30th November 2008
21:30pm GMT

2 updates in one day! I'm kicking it like it's 1999!

I'm off this whole week! It's gonna be great! Catch up a bit more on the comics, try and put some work into my other little comic endeavour...and probably clean up my house! Brilliant fun! :)


SPHERE...only SQUAREd? Prepare to be amazed!

S.P.H.E.R.E ≤

Updated:  Sunday 30th November 2008
11 :30am GMT

There will be another classic going up today, but I thought I do something I did before we introduced the last set of character! A little teaser in "Coming Soon"! ^^

The characters that will soon be introduced are SQUARE! The soon to be arch-nemesis' of SPHERE.

They've changed a lot since they were first concocted long ago! Basically I was thinking that every superhero had a supervillain that had similar powers but was essentially just that bit stronger. Thus, I had to do the same with the lads.

Click here! Or on the "coming soon" bit to see what I'm talking about!

And again, just to reiterate the awesomeness, that is Justin Winslow! Check out my links. Another background used from the king of backgrounds. Loving it.


Classic Heroics #16 Magnificently delights

"Classic" is the operative word

Updated:  Saturday 22nd November 2008
01 :00pm GMT

So, I'm trying to learn Japanese right, and it's actually a wee bit easier than tryiing to learn French in school!

So then I was thinking "Why don't they teach that in school instead"

But then I was thinking "Why don't they instead just kick out all the cheeky wee's that ruin it for everyone else"

But then I was thinking "With all the cheeky wee's gone, would that actually make French class better?"

Then I was thinking "Why am I thinking about this? What was I doing again?"


What is it that makes me feel a little Chaptisode 22y?

Can you do the fandango?

Updated: Monday 24th November 2008
10:50pm GMT

Hello again. I've been thinking about the comic lately and how much has changed. Intentional things like Sidekick's severely shortened hair and the now ridiculous proportions of the eyebrows; unintentional things like BigStrongs jaw getting more square; and even the natural progression of the art as I got more used to drawing everyone.

What hasn't changed is that I still can't do backgrounds! But I'm going to try a lot harder with them now. I'll make you guys proud! :D


What is it that makes me feel a little Chaptisode 22y?

Told ya so.

Updated: Sunday 16th November 2008
05:50pm GMT

Hey guys! Whazzap? Knocked up a little treat for you in the form of the next Chaptisode! Well, sort of if you don't count the fact that I should be on Chaptisode 26 by now. :)

If you haven't noticed, I've included a SHOP button on the side bar. We've had a shop for a while (I've mentioned it a few times if you didn't know). The reason I've added the button NOW is that Zazzle (the company making the goods) now have a UK store meaning no more international shipping costs and also no more duty tax! And possibly better yet, they now accept PayPal and not just Credit Cards! Now you debit carders can get your hold on some awesome t-shirts (I've bought a few, they look fantastic).

Finally, if you haven't read anything on the 'Baby P' story, consider yourself lucky. It's an insight into how messed up this world is. What I'm thinking of doing now is dedicating the entire site to the turbulent life of a 2year old who had the most horrific and saddening experience of life I've ever heard about.

R.I.P Baby P.


Classic Heroics #15 intelligently bursts...

Technically technical!

(Technically)Updated:  Thursday 13th November 2008
00:30am GMT

Well, it's actually Saturday that I'm writing this, but TECHNICALLY it was updated early Thursday by the Gibmeister, he just didn't have time to do an index page and he's been super busy all week!
Anyways, enjoy! And prepare for Chaptisode #22 either today or tomorrow!

Actually this time...


Dun dun dun!! Chaptisode 21!!

Blogged oot ma nut.

Updated: Monday 10th November 2008
23:55pm GMT

Hello! How is everyone doing? I uploaded last night but I just couldn't do a blog! Was far too tired!

I've realised how far I am behind and have written up a schedule to get back on track! Usually I wouldn't upload a schedule I didn't think I could could, but I'm going to upload this schedule so that I WILL keep to it!

Jonathan will be updating the classics whenever he can, so the schedule is really just for me!

Anyways! Head over to the comic, got more to say there! :)


Classic Heroics #14 meaningfully prepares...

Hallowed be thy comic.

Updated:  Friday 07th November 2008
00:30am GMT

So what did you dress up as on halloween? A snot? A Bum? A Ghoulie?
Let us know via e-mail, text, phone or just shout across the hall!
Once upon a time there was someone dressed up as a Jedi and one as a Vader and they had a fight in the street.
The jedi actually thought they were just having a laugh, but turns out Vader had an actual Light Saber! An actual one!



Belated Halloween!

Updated: Friday 05th November 2008
9:00am GMT

So's actually now Guy Fawkes!! Eep!

How is everyone?! The ideas for the Halloween costumes of my team have been brewing in my head for a while now, but here they finally are! Enjoy!

Oh, and have a nice Guy Fawkes Night. :D

-Adam, Prince of Late-ernia.

Classic Heroics #13 enthusiastically misses...

What do you get when you cross a sidekick with a football?

Updated:  Friday 31st October 2008
9:10am GMT

Ok! Looks like I have the classic page sorted (if you didn't already notice! Now! I'm going to leave the main page until I can get a comments box sorted, and hopefully I'm going to do a Halloween special. (Although apologies if it's a little late!) I've not been able to update the "latest classic" bit due to not being at home, but I'll try and get one knocked up for tonight. Until then just use the same button! It'll still take you to classic 13!

This has actually been on the site for a while now, but Jonathan hasn't had the time to update due to his incredibely hectic life! (And the fact that it's Halloween!) In fact! We've all been off either making, or concocting fantastic costumes to wear! So hopefully we'll have pictures available for those who don't know us personally and will see them at the party!

Now, if I can just see about getting SPHERE dressed up in cute little outfits this day will be complete!

-Adam "Hylian for a day" Calderhead

Just some FYI!

Update Soon! Promise!

Updated: Friday 17th October 2008
8:55am GMT

Hello all! Jonathan had a very hard time updating the site in my absense due to the fact that I built it and didn't really tell him very well how to do everything!

What does this mean? Well, I'm off trying to make it easier right now, but of course, that's going to be hard! One of the things I'm doing is changing the Classic Heroics page to be more like the Comic page, because it's so easy for me to update that one!

I'm also trying to do this main page in the same way, as pretty much all I need to do is write the Blog and the page does everything else for me! It's brilliant!

-Adam, Prince of Eternia.

Update! Chaptisode 20 you evasive little bugger!

The race is on!!!

Updated: Tuesday 07th October 2008
9:00pm GMT

What a nightmare!

Hey guys! I seem to be finally back! Well over a month without a Chaptisode! NOT COOL! But hey! Was it worth the wait? I hope so! Going to be trying to pump out the strips like it's no-ones business!


If Classic is new, is it really classic?

Update Ahoy!

Updated: Wednesday 28th September 2008
8:23pm GMT

So how's everyone? :)

Hope all the homey's are homin and all the groupies are groupin and all the rockers are rockin and all the loaners are loaning, money, to me.

Someone pointed out to me the other day that there aren't as many updates as usual! I didn't even notice! Ok well I did notice and I'm sorry Stuart that you're now in the rehabilitation ward as a result of not being able to get your Cut the Heroics fix.

If it makes you feel better we're trying to develop a 'Cut the Heroics: Injection System tm'. Hope this helps!

-Classical Jonathan

Classic 11 reaches the negative zone!

Lappy 500's out of the race!

Updated: Wednesday 03rd September 2008
7:02pm GMT

So... Adam's laptop broke.

Which kinda sucks. 'Cause that means that we can't make any more Chaptisodes till it's fixed. Which'll hopefully be sooner rather than later.

We do however have a classical classic for all the classic fans out there!! So please still check regular like and we'll still try and keep the updates comin :)

-Classical Jonathan

Up and getting steadily harder to come up with something original, Chaptisode #19 something or other!

So's your face.

Updated: Thursday 21th August 2008
11:45am GMT

You wanted to see the SPHERE method of transport? Head on over to the comic section and see for yourself!!

Well, sort of.

See it in it's full glory next chaptisode! As the chase is on to catch the Java and his duo of breadstick-nappers. And everyone knows how important breadsticks are to the future of the world, not just the telling of this tale! The Annual Baddie Barbecue is fast approaching!


Classic Heroics #10 radioactively implodes...

Gay! A gay musical.

Updated:  Sunday 17th August 2008
12:55pm GMT

Buy a T-Shirt!!

Isn't designing cool :) I love the idea of designing clothes, gay as it might be. Clothes designing always has that 'Gay' stigma attached to it. Kinda like hair dressers.
The reason for this is that probably the majority of men in both these professions are gay! Or are they...
Look at builders. When you think of builders I usually think of the fat ones, 'cause they're the ones that stand out, but really and truely, if all builders were fat, it would take them aaaages to build stuff. So the majority of builders are prolly buff and the majority of men designers are prolly straight, get loads of money and loads of towelette looking babes.

I know what I want to be when I grow up.

PS, Adam designs the t-shirts :)


Up and Atom, Chaptisode #18 Ant!

Chieften. Does kinda make you think of a big gorrilla.

Updated: Tuesday 12th August 2008
8:00am GMT

Hi there CtH fans!

Chaptisode Chieften Gibbons here!

Tomorrow I think I'll be in charge! No-one can stand against me! I'll rage against that machine and that machine will bow down...
I'll be the amazingist! So much so that even the awesomes will say ':D'.
You're either an awesome or there's improvement required before being an awesome, there's nothing else, so get improving if it's required and realise awesomeness when you see it :)


Classic Heroics #9 painfully resets...

I'll have a pint of pain please, hold the ketchup.

Updated:  Wednesday 06th August 2008
9:45pm GMT

I think I may be finally back on track. Thanks for sticking with me guys! I take the blame entirely! Poor Jonathan sends me all his stuff on time, and it's my fault that the site fell behind.

But do not fear! I will amend the error. All will be right in the world. I already know how I'm going to solve everything, I have it all planned out.

Oh you better believe it. And I seem to have gone slightly insane today.

-Adam (or IS it?)

My Chaptisode #17 sense is tingling! Wait...I've already used that...erm!

Caution: Wet Flare.

Updated: Saturday 2nd August 2008
4:10pm GMT

It's a wonderful day for cabbages and kings. This new chaptisode is called Slipping Up, and in a way it mirrors my own treatment of the website...I'm officially 2 comics behind! So I'll need to catch up with that.

Not much more to be said, but stay tuned as within the next couple of weeks I hope to be back on track with everything.

Loving your patience,

Classic Heroics #8 explosively appears...

You'd do Ron Ron Ron.

Updated:  Tuesday 29th July 2008
10:10pm GMT

I just figured out what the most awesome thing in the world was the other day!

Can you take a guess what it was? It was Awesome :)
That's what it was! Awesome is the most awesome thing in the world! Even more awesome than me!
If there was no awesome, then what would all the awesome stuff be? Cause they wouldn't be awesome, that's for sure...

They would be 'cool', or 'alright', or 'not bad' but none of that stuff would be as awesome as Awesome.

Keep your senses open for awesome stuff and when you come across it, take a minute to really revel in it's awesomeness, 'cause without Awesome, that awesome stuff wouldn't be as awesome as the awesome loving people would want it to be.


Chaptisode #16! Not even close to being assembled but I don't care at the moment....

Cutting the heroics like it's no-ones business.

Updated: Thursday 24th July 2008
01:05am GMT

It's slowly becoming a weekly update, but I wont have that! I'll catch up, I promise! Things have been happening, but it's no excuse for my tardiness!

Anyways! I'm going to leave updating the Archive for just today, I'm tired. I really wanted to finish this comic long ago, but things have been so bad. I'll leave it at that though. Stay tuned for an Adz-style make-up with lots of new character art featuring characters who are "coming soon"...(by soon I mean within the next 50 chaptisodes, lol).

Loving your work,

Classic Heroics #7 robotically questions...

Wii Yoga Flame!

Updated:  Thursday 17th July 2008
07:15pm GMT

The older you get the wiser you get (for some people anyway), and I was thinking, I can't wait till I'm retired.
Not only do you not have to work, but you can sit back in your chair, content that you've already done loads to help the world in your lifetime and you're so wise, you're content with what you've got.

That's my goal anyway. If you don't feel like that then you've probably messed up somewhere along the line and you've still got a wee bit to go to right things before you can relax. Although, there's a timeframe between now and retirement and that means that you've only got a certain amount of time to help the world before you can be content.

But then if you're doing good just now, should you not be able to sit in your chair every night and be content? I'd say so...
Hmmm... I'm pretty content atm, which is obviously a good thing, but maybe not 100%. Might need to get the writing board out and make one of those lists, you know, like My Name's Earl :)
Might make a Christmas list too for the "content with what you've got" part.


Chaptisode #15! Disassembled?

Not so Fresh homeless looking dude, defo not from Bel-Air.

Updated: Wednesday 9th July 2008
11:30pm GMT

I was talking to a guy the other month there and he said he didn't move out till he was 28. And you know what? That's awesome :) How well must he get on with his 'rents?
Know what else? I was talking to a lass who moved out when she was 17! And you know what? That's awesome :) How cool is that really? It's a whole big thing to get stuff like that organized and sorted.
Know what else? It's unfair to hire hotties as estate agents, or as anything, cause it biases peoples opinions! No company should morally hire hotties. Unless it's a tech support company, 'cause lets face it, tech support could do with some hotties, to counteract the smell.


Classic Heroics #6 royally demands...

Super secret secret squirrel!

Updated:  Thursday 3rd July 2008
10:30am GMT

Hello! How is everyone doing? The mood is not good here in and the Gibb-meister had some bad news over the weekend. A true legend in the comic industry died on Friday at age 37. Michael Turner, Jonathans favourite artist, and up there in the ranks with me.

He's been battling with cancer since 2000, lost 40% of his pelvis, and still came out smiling. He will be undoubtedly missed by many across the globe, and here at HQ, we will be amongst the many who will truly be at loss. With our favourite artist gone, comics wont seem the happy get-a-ways they usually are.

My The Flash poster serving as a constant reminder of one of the most genuinely nice guys I'll never have the pleasure of meeting.

R.I.P Michael Turner,

Chaptisode #14! Assemble!

Incredibly Hectic!

Updated: Saturday 28th June 2008
10:20pm GMT

If you've been on our Bebo you'll have seen why I haven't updated in a few days! If you haven't, then head over and see why!

Well! I'm currently learning a whole load of new computery stuff! I don't like telling you guys what it is straight away, just in case it never comes about and you're disappointed. I'm really getting there with the main secret thing, so, let's see!

Another thing I've been doing is resizing all of the comics! It's quite a chore, but I hope to have it within the next week. Basically, newcomers have been mentioning that the comics are just too small! And they really are, but due to limited space, I had to make them that size....BUT!! I'm re-doing the entire comic section. Most of the site will still have this same set up, but the comic section will be completely re-done so that the main focus is what it should be, the comic! And the more comics I do, the more I realise just how much extra space I need!

Check out the different sizes here!:
Chaptisode 1 - Small
Chaptisode 1 - Big


Classic Heroics #5 iconically commands...

Indiana Pwnes?

Updated:  Sunday 22nd June 2008
11:15am GMT

The secret stuff's pretty cool btw :) The only thing about it is that the main comic isn't coming out as often as we would like, but then again, even if the main comic came out twice a day I'd still want more :)

I've been reading a lot of Manga recently, President Dad, Deathnote, Full Metal Alchemist, but the very best is Jing: King of Bandits. Absolutely crazy, but amazing! But then Azumanga Diaoh might actually give me more inspiration than most, as then maybe that's the best...


Who taught you to throw the Chaptisode #13 down the stairs?

ISP? More like Incredible Service Provider!

Updated: Tuesday 17th June 2008
11:40pm GMT

So, guess what! Our ISP Freeola has named Cut the Heroics "Site of the Week"!!!! That means that our awesomeness is spreading throughout the peeps so more people feel that more people should check it out!

Lovin it :)

Also, Adz has been pulling up some figures and, as it turns out, the number of visits to the site has been doubling on a weekly basis! No wonder we're site of the week! A serious thanks to you. Because you're reading this, that means you're on the site, and the fact you're on the site is the reason for the success.

Thank you.


Classic Heroics #4 idiotically questions...


Updated:  Friday 13th June 2008
21:20pm GMT

Ah! I just had a thought. The old "one after the other updates" aren't going to be a good idea with my 2 a week updates of 2 different comics...if it keeps going this way, I'll be writing all the blogs for Chaptisodes and Jonathan for the Classics! There will be no variety....and that's the whole reason to HAVE two comics!

Makes more sense to update twice in alteration. Wouldn't you agree?

No? Tough. XD

And poof...Just like that, he's Chaptisode #12!

Lesson severely learned!

Updated: Monday 9th June 2008
23:40pm GMT

Sometimes you just mess up so severely that you're bound to hate yourself for so long for doing it that you'll not make the same mistake again!

My lesson has been learned, as after I finished todays computer lesson? Save! A lot! You see...I don't save at ALL. So, yeah, it wasn't fun re-doing the whole comic!

I think I'm going to start updating every 4 days (or less!). So, there will be a chaptisode, then a classic alternating every 4 days. The reason for this is because I'm working on a fun little project and I'm looking for a bit of extra time. Hush at the moment, once more.

Classic Heroics #3 confusidly ponders...


Updated:  Thursday 05th June 2008
07:20pm GMT

Everyone enjoying the weather?? I love weather :) And I don't just mean good weather, I mean all weather. Even ridiculously dramatic rain has it's place! That guy who likes Pina Colada's knows what I'm talking about.

So anyway, how's you? Getting on ok? Take a minute to tell me your woes. I'm listening...


By the power of Chaptisode #11...skull?

Chaptisodes, Baddies and Googles! Oh my!

Updated: Sunday 1st June 2008
15:00pm GMT

Introducing the baddies into mix! Back to our regularly scheduled "one after the other"-type updates! Rather than me stealing 2 (and almost 3) spots in a row!

Also, it will be the turn of the Classics again next! Now that the baddies have been introduced and now featured in the comic! So stay tuned sometime next week for Classic Heroics #3!

Also, I take it everyone has noticed the adverts on the site! They're to help with the funding of the site, not trying to force anything down your throat! Also, take not that they're google adverts (obviously) so if you see something you like, don't worry about clicking on them! I can assure you there will be no viruses. I take full responsibility if you get one from my adverts. :D

Fabulous bus related powers ahoy!

Have you seen this Blog?

Updated:  Thursday 29th May 2008
10:30pm GMT

Pffft, that Adam stealing my blog spot. I'm going to steal something of yours when you're not looking. Like your cake! Then what're you going to eat? Huh?

Over to our correspondent in the forums: 'The most recent development is the debate of which hero you can associate most with! Tomorrow will be sunny with some cloud coverage.'

Make sure you check out the forums, the Bebo page, and also the Merchandise at Zazzle!


In the brown corner, Doctor Java!


Updated: Sunday 25th May 2008
16:20pm GMT

Bit late with the update, I know! If you've been keeping up with the Bebo page also, then you'll have noticed that I have been a bit busy with something I think looks awesome!

I've been making Merchandise! T-shirts! 7 to be exact, and more on the way! Check out the Merch site at Zazzle and you'll see what I mean! I've said it on Bebo also, but any problems, come back to me! It's a USA based clothing company and they're awesome, but just in case there is problems, let me know!


Spins a Chaptisode#10, any size! Catches thieves, just like flies!

Almost is the new latest!

Updated:  Tuesday 20th May 2008
18:30pm GMT

I think it's safe to say our first milestone has been reached!

I'm not really going to be counting the character intros as I feel they're needed due to the nature of the comic. And I'm also not going to be counting Classics as I feel they need to be viewed as a separate entity.

Hope you've loved the 10 so far. Jonathan has sent me the scripts for the next 7, and they're fantastic! Really pleased with them! Stay tuned....because you're going to love what's coming soon!


Classic Heroics#2 classically wonders...

Almost a milestone!

Updated: Saturday 17th May 2008
21:40pm GMT

With a new Classic Heroics and Chaptisode 10 on the Horizon we're really cooking!
The site is looking so full! I'd love to take some credit for it, but it's been mostly Adz with myself only sticking to what I do best. Scripting!
Sometimes people might ask where I get inspiration from, and actually, I usually read some other comics! Comics you might want to check out are 1) A Manga called Azumanga Daioh 2) A webcomic called 8-bit Theatre. Both are brilliant, and I often read a bit of both to get me in the scripting mood.


Here comes the Crimson Chaptisode#9!

The forums are calling!

Updated:  Thursday 15th May 2008
17:55pm GMT

Hey again! I don't know how we're going to be handling the updates with the addition of Classic Heroics, and well, you guys aren't being vocal enough! What's your thoughts on Classic? Do you like it? How often should we do it in addition to the regular comics?

Head on over to the forums and let us know!


Chaptisode#8, SPOOOOOOOOON!

Stuff on my

Updated:  Monday 12th May 2008
01:45am GMT

My webcam broke ¨¨
And my dads hard drive broke. And my sister's motherboard broke. And my friends Internet broke. And my other friends AC adaptor broke...

It's really annoying when things break, but sometimes it can't be helped.

Sometimes the best thing to do when things break is to shout at it! It really does work! And if it's still not keen, just give it a wee slap and it'll probably work ok after that.
If you've got a broken stuff, try it out and let us know how it works out!!


New comic? Classic Heroics#1!

Old school Heroics!

Updated:  Friday 9th May 2008
10:08am GMT

Well! We've been speaking new features for a while now, and now they're finally taking shape! Today's update adds a few!

You may have noticed that the navigation pane has 2 more pages, "Classic" and "Other". The biggest addition to the site is "Classic". Head on over and you'll see what I'm talking about!

I've put up the "Other" section in order to display things I couldn't find a space for on the site, these include wallpapers and avatars, but also art in different forms that I want to showcase also. Check that out too!


Chaptisode#7 is wouldn't like it when it's angry!

Your title goes here.

Updated:  Wednesday 07th May 2008
11:45pm GMT

So we're checking out a new thing, so let us know what you think about the new thing when it's new up!

But it's not up yet, so Don't let us know what you think yet, but when it's new, let us know your new thoughts about the thing!

Also give us ideas on a new character!!! Send us a mail or write it in the forum, let us know your ideas and we'll use them!


Kame...hame...Chaptisode #6!!!

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!

Updated:  Sunday 4th May 2008
11:20am GMT

Isn't it ironic? Just when I say I'm keeping a good schedule, I lose my good schedule not 1 week later! Sorry guys!

I'm really late this time, I wanted this up on Thursday or Friday at the most, but it didn't pan out that way. I've been ill, there have been other engagements, and as it happens, I failed! Hopefully with it being a bank holiday here tomorrow I'll be able to knock another one up!

Got 3 more features coming your way in the next week or two...I hope! More info as it happens.


Beware my power, Chaptisode #5s Light!

You can only give love a million times a day!

Updated:  Monday 28th April 2008
02:40am GMT

But even better than that, you can read 2xCutTheHeroics a week!!

Did you ever read the editor's note on the back page of comics, talking about letters that got sent in and behind-the-scenes action and other goings on? I kinda feel like that guy/girl, constantly promoting the comic and giving wee bits of information here and there - and it's awesome! I love promoting the comic! I love telling people to check it out and I love seeing them bookmark it and I love to hear what they love about it and what they want to see in the future!

I'm glad you're liking it folks, but let us know what you like/dislike and more stuff you want to see. Ideas, thoughts and feelings please! 'Cause we can't be better without you :)


Go, Go Gadget Chaptisode #4!

Does anyone even read this? ;-)

Updated:  Saturday 26th April 2008
10:10am GMT

Keeping a good schedule I think! I think it's been 2 updates a week every week so far! Sure the days I update are random as hell, but that only gives you more of a reason to check the site everyday! And I appreciate everyone who does!

I really hope you guys are loving it, because I'm sooo loving doing it. It's great to just create something!


Leaping tall Chaptisode#3's in a single bound!

Let's do the Twist!!

Updated:  Wednesday 23rd April 2008
07:50am GMT

So who is your favourite so far, or do you need more time to decide?

Well, that's ok! 'Cause no matter who it is, we've got more of them coming your way!

We've got Thrills, Spills, Kills, Mills, and Window Sills!! Plus a free coupon!

Bookmarks at the readyyyyyyyy.... GOOOOOOO!!!!!!


My Chaptisode#2 sense is tingling...!

Our heroes arrive!

Updated:  Friday 18th April 2008
10:00pm GMT

Since the character introduction comics introduced the powers, we never really got too much opportunity to introduce their personalities. We knew where we were going anyways, so now is really just a look into the psyche of our heroes.

BigStrong is so childish but I love him! :D


To Chaptisode#1...and beyond!

Up and comicing!

Updated:  Sunday 13th April 2008
17:05pm GMT

Not that it matters at all, but this was the first comic written and arted, so it's been waiting to go up for a while. It throws you into the middle of things and that's why Adz wanted all the bios done first, so at least you know who all the peeps are.

Please check out the forum if you've not done so already! Please post questions (and answers) as to what's going on and to any other stuff!

We've got some more site things in the pipeline and it's looking quite sweet, so we'll try and get it all done for you as soon as!

Hope you're loving it too :)

A bit big and a bit strong,

Bio Bio on the wall, who's the awesomest of them all?

Psytrese casts Bio!

Updated:  Tuesday 08th April 2008
19:39pm GMT

Although it's not a comic, I thought I should update today anyways to get something up! I decided to knock up the Bios! So far I have the SPHERE team, and also a detailed backstory behind how everything came about!

If you head over to the Bios section, you'll see what I mean!


Faster than a speeding Comic #5! (which admittedly, isn't fast!)

I really know where my towel is!

Updated:  Monday 07th April 2008
21:36pm GMT

I've been so lazy this week! But finally, the break in the comixing has been fixed. Originally Towelette as a character was giving us hassle to write an origin for, but I think we've got it now!

Hopefully this will be the last time I miss a double post in a week...or maybe I'll just post another comic tomorrow to make up for it! :D

Hopefully it was worth the wait!

No comic this time!

Pure forum'd oot ma nut!

Updated:  Tuesday 01st April 2008
11:16pm GMT

Well this time, there's no comic! Gutted! I was getting quite fond of posting them all the time, but ah well! I'll need to get used to updating a few times when more pressing matters are at hand!

What are the more pressing matters? Well, if you hadn't noticed already, I put up a Forum! I'm sure it will be a while before there's many people there, but for now, if you want, feel free to head over and post a little something!

Also, I finally got my email addresses sorted! So, you can email us at the addresses provided in contact. A comic will be coming this week! The last of the character intro's; Towelette!


Your friendly neighbourhood Comic #4!

I love it |<-------------------->| this much!

Updated:  Friday 28th March 2008
20:11pm GMT

I'm loving it :) I mean, doesn't it look great? Doesn't the website look great? Don't the comics look great? I'm loving it :)

It's so much fun working with something like this with the Adz where the ideas between you both can be great, and above all else, hilarious! :) I hope you're all loving it too! Let us know how you feel!

( <- By that I mean send a mail!)

Comic #3, I choose you!

Kick it to the max!

Updated:  Wednesday 26th March 2008
07:32pm GMT

Another update! I'm not really being consistent with the day I choose to update...but it seems like it's not a choice!

I'm using every ounce of spare time I have (and even some not so spare time...sorry Helen!) to pump as much into this comic as I possibly can!

So, Sidekick is coming at ya! Head over to the Comic and check her out!


Comic #2, up and at them!

Latest is the new latest!

Updated:  Friday 21st March 2008
04:43pm GMT

Comic 2 is here and the next few are already underway!

As you can see the comics at the moment are going to be eventually put in the 'Bios' section but the Adz thought it would be a great idea to post each of the comics individually on the main page so you have a better understanding of everyone's powers.

I'm sure with the Bio comics and the self-explanatory names you'll catch on quick! :P


Cut the Heroics = Re-launched?!

A Quick Re-Design!

Updated:  Monday 17th March 2008
08:39pm GMT

Hopefully I did this so fast that no-one even got the chance to see the ugly old page! But if you did, then I hope you didn't like it too much coz it's now gone! :D

I'll be doing another comic this week so stay tuned!



Cut the Heroics = Launched!

Significant Injury Averted!

Updated:  Friday 14th March 2008
01:56am GMT

Well, finally! A webcomic that has been in the works since last September finally bursts onto the scene! I wanted to have it up on Thursday, but I guess 2hrs into Friday isn't that bad!

I do, however, think I might possibly be the laziest guy in the world when I've not got a fire under my ass keeping me out of the depths of idleness!

I only have the bare essentials up at the moment, but at least this will give me good reason to keep the place updated. Have a look around, enjoy the first comic, and hit me up if you want, and let me know what you think!

"Contact" is not available at the moment due to some problems with email addresses and stuff, but feel free to hit me up at "(I've take my email address out as it is no longer required)" until I get my actual emails sorted!


Cut the Heroics = Not very launched..


Updated:  Friday 29th February 2008
09:00am GMT

What's online right now is just a sample comic! I haven't really did much with the site at the moment, but give me a couple of weeks and I'll have it done!

Stay tuned!