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This is one of my favourite things to do other than drawing. I love ambigrams. An ambigram is a word that can be read in 2 different directions or orientations. My most common ambigrams will be rotationally symmetric, e.g., legible as the same word even when you turn it upside down. If you're still in the dark, check out this Wiki,



I'm not too sure how many people will use these, but I've started a few and really liked how they turned out! I figured I'd make them available just in case you guys want to use them.



I'm always getting asked to draw people, it's the hazard of the job! Just as Jonathan is always getting writing ideas from people. These as the people I've drawn so far in my CtH style. Click for a bigger picture! (Albal you're next don't worry. :P)




One thing I'll definitely be doing more of in the future is wallpapers. I really enjoy doing them and I like to think people enjoy using them! Good to think that somewhere people are looking at your characters everyday that way! Means they'll always remember to keep checking the site!