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Working hard or hardly working?

Ready! Set! Not yet!

Updated: Wednesday 28th September 2011
12.45 GMT

Hello again!

This is really another "Not Update", but keeping you informed of what I'm doing, which right now is coming along smoothly but slowly. Mostly as I'm trying to re-learn what my characters look like, and mixing it with any new little Photoshop techniques I've learned.

My objective for this part of my relaunch, is fixing the first Character Introduction, which is for Incontinence-Man. It's looking miles better! It's got shading, it's got decent art, and it's not got a character in knee-deep water standing a foot away from someone on a beach (which is more than likely physically impossible).

Not sure if I'm going to update the site and then start work on the rest, or if I'll wait until I'm done with the rest and then update...but either way I'll need to create a new page as I don't want to delete the old versions of the comics.

Stay tuned. ;)



It's like an Update...but nothing happens.

Updated: Monday 26th September 2011
11.45 GMT


You know, I was checking the stats for the website the other day and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people who still visit the site despite me not updating for over a year now! It was the kind of news that made me pine for the good old days.

We wil be back on the air some time in the near future, you can bet your bum. Even if it is just to complete the current story arch which has been left in the air! I've been working on re-doing the old character intro's for S.P.H.E.R.E, Dr. Java, and The Bus. Since they're really ugly. Want to get them up to the standard of the others, and also some of the others which are lacking need to be touched up.

One thing I've regretted not being able to show, is how brilliant Towelette can be. She uses her powers occasionally to move around, but I want you to see her kick some tooshie! Also, we never really did get the chance to show off S.Q.U.A.R.E...hmm, we'll maybe need to do something about that too...

Stay tuned...


a boy and his bob

April Showers?

Updated: Sunday 28th March 2010
15.30 GMT

donít know about you but we have been having some quite nice weather the last few weeks, even though itís cold itís nice to see the sun and some blue skies. Iím hopeful that this will be it till summer, I severely doubt it but still I live in hope.

regarding my last blog, I have now started driving lessons and itís actually Jonathan thatís teaching me, I havenít done anything drastic so far except staling it like a million times so it seems to be going ok.


You don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Classic 38 receives a happy birthday bob card.

Updated: Saturday 25nd March 2010
23.32 GMT

Good evening!

Not been updating as much recently. But you know, thatís good! Kinda. It means weíve been doing other stuff! And not just playing games. Adz has been on his good olí side project, but thereís so much work involved that you might not see any of it in a while. Some of the ideas are awesome though J

I got a bob birthday card :) Iím loving the bobbage. Hope youíre all loving it too.

Not as awesome as the classics though! Obviously.


my heart bob's when she's around

February resolution

Updated: Saturday 06th February 2010
20.25 GMT

Iím not really one for New Year resolutions, but I am hoping to learn to drive this year. How are all yours in internet land going? February is a pretty good time to assess if youíve done anything about yours yet, cos January can be pretty hectic and gloomy, and itís easy for them to end up on the back burner. I personally have done a very thorough thought plan for mine, but really nothing else.

Thatís not the only thing Iíve been disorganised with, I only put my Christmas presents by some were that wasnít the Christmas present area of my floor, like a week ago. And as you know my last update was like October. I donít really have an excuse for all these things, I just never really got around to them over Christmas and New Year and as I said itís easy for things to slip in January, so Iíll try and not leave it as long next time, for the update at least, with tidying I canít make any promises.


Ctrl+F = Adam Updates. Error! Not Found!

New Update for a New Decade!

Updated: Saturday 02nd January 2010
13.40 GMT

Welcome to the first update of 2010 and my latest update in god knows how long!

I could give you a hundred reasons why I haven't, but the most prevelant is laziness, lol. But that's all going to change! It's the time for New Years resolutions and I resolve to update more! Hopefully once a week.

Several new games have taken up more time in my life than originally planned, these mainly being (in order); A Boy and his Blob, Modern Warfare 2 and Assassins Creed 2. All of which are absolutely fantastic for entirely different reasons and I highly recommend checking them out!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and a great New Year! Special thanks to Jonathan for keeping the site alive whilst I was off gaming. :)


Classic #37 no longer needs to hold it in.

There's a difference between 'Cool' and 'Useful'.

Updated: Sunday 20th December 2009
19.23 GMT

So believe it or not, I'm organized for Christmas! It's awesome, I've ordered all my pressies and I've only got one left that I'll need to get from Glasgow. It'll only take a min though. I've even wrapped most of them!

Hope you lot are all organised. If not, don't worry about it. The shops'll be open on Christmas Eve. You'll be fine :)

What've youes all been up to? Getting some Modern Warfare on the go? I'm playing through the campain. Double amazing! If you don't have it yet I'm sure you'll get it for Christmas

Wonder what I'll get for Christmas. I was thinking about some of the weird presents I've had over the years. A matress, emulsion, baby squid, sandwitch spread, a bag of chips from the chippy (WTF?), although, I can't really complain. I got my mum some cat poo this year so what can I really expect back?


Ctrl+F more Classic Scripts

Different take on 'Super'

Updated: Sunday 08th November 2009
16.15 GMT

Everyone have some Halloween fun? I took my own advice on funny costumes and went as Supergirl to the Halloween party! What a laugh. Thanks for the awesome party Amy :)

Hope everyone had fun! What did you go as? Let us know.

Also, anyone else notice just how quickly shops go from ĎHalloween seasoní to ĎChristmas seasoní? Some shops are promoting their Christmas wares already along with the same repetitive music. Thatís defo a plus for internet shopping. You can shop to any music you want.

PS, I had a guy on the phone the other day who said 'X for Christmas' as if it was part of the phonetic alphabet. He thought Christmas was actually spelt XmasÖ


5xBob > 50xChaptisodes


Updated: Saturday 31th October 2009
19.10 GMT

So today and more importantly tonight is the celebration of all hallows eve! I hope everyone is looking suitably ridiculous. For the past two years I've made my costumes from scratch but this year my household is throwing a party so I've spent my time organising that instead, so my costume is really just normal clothes this year nothing needing patterns or sewing machines. The party is a Hollywood Halloween theme, I'm decorating the whole house as a movie set of a haunted house and hopefully it will come off as cool and atmospheric and not just someone with too much time on their hands. I hope you all have a fun night whatever way you choose to celebrate it even if that's just putting the lights off and pretending you're not in when the trick or treaters come around.

I also wanted to say a quick congratz to the boys for hitting their 50 mark, as someone who just completed number 5 I can say it seems like a pretty amazing feat, well done guys!


Crazy, mad, update.

French, Basketball playing Eskimo

Updated: Monday 26th October 2009
23.46 GMT

Don't you just love halloween :)

One thing I have noticed though is that the costumes that stand out are either the ones that are home made and stitched themselves, or the really funny ones.

You're always going to have your girls dressed up as cats and french maids (not complaining) and guys in some obscure fanboy outfit spending their time trying to promote the thing they're dressed up as, but the real Halloweeners are the ones that put in the time and the ones that don't mind looking bonkers for a couple of laughs.

Now after saying that I need to think up a good costume, 'cause at the moment the best I've got is Dr. Manhattan and I don't even have the paint.


A Comic#50 appears! Prepare for battle!

50 comics! That's some sort of milestone, right?

Updated: Sunday 18th October 2009
23.45 GMT

This is the third time I've mentioned it on this update already, but we've hit 50 comics...sort of!

It's actually a whole lot more, but it's 50 just counting the main comic series that I've drawn and Jonathan has written.

Everytime I update I can never think what to write, but as soon as I do I always think of something I should have mentioned...but by the time I update again I've forgotten! You're missing out on some high quality banter because of my terrible memory. :)

Maybe one of these days I'll remember what I meant to say in relation to every update...

I said on the last update that I hoped Jonathan doing his walk wouldn't have affected the update, but sadly it did! I wasn't thinking straight as he really didn't have time to write the words whilst being away, so my apologies. :)


I'm the keymaster. The key is lateness.

An Informative Update!

Updated: Monday 12th October 2009
10.30 GMT

Going to be done with the latest chaptisode either tonight or tomorrow. There's going to be several copy and pastes going on this time around, but I don't do it too often other than with backgrounds, and usually that's just to keep it consistent, so don't hate me too much! :)

Jonathan has been off for the past week and a bit, and usually that means muchos updatos, but he's actually been getting ready to do the West Highland Way, a week long 95mile walk from Milngavie to Fort William.

He left yesterday, so wish him luck!

Usually Jonathan gives me a script and I draw the comic around it, but I had this idea where I would draw the comic from a basic synopsis, and then he would write the speech bubbles later.

As he isn't around, I hope this won't affect the posting of the comic, but we'll see.

Anyways. Take care guys. See you soon!


he's so cool he doesn't need capitalization

Leaf peeping.

Updated: Wednesday 30th September 2009
19.10 GMT

So autumn is firmly here I think, the last few weeks have been that beguiling time were the air gets a cold crisp in it and the trees start turning all sorts of beautiful colours so everywhere looks great and you expect to see kids playing in big pills of leaves and everyone to be wearing dark green and brown like the manikins in all the shop windows. But unfortunately this only lasts a month tops and then it just rains continually till march, which can get pretty depressing. So I really love this time were we get appreciate the change of season before we start to miss seeing the sun. Saying that there are still good things to come this season, Halloween in a month and then fireworks night right after that, both highly anticipated in my circles for three reasons, you get to dress up, eat sugar, and take unnecessary photos, woohoo!


It's question time for Chaptisode 31!

The question is "why the delay"?

Updated: Tuesday 22nd September 2009
18.30 GMT

Hey again.

Sorry if anyone looks back in the chaptisodes to remember where we are in the story, but I've shuffled them around.

It wasn't so coherent at first, and it just makes more sense to have the character intros for SQUARE before their first real comic.

I showed two of them briefly during the last chaptisode, but this is the first time I've shown them in all their glory.

Check it out and enjoy!


Chaptisode 31 coming soon!

Question time is questionably not well timed.

Updated: Sunday 20th September 2009
23.30 GMT

Hey guys! Going to be a little late with this weeks update...hopefully be tomorrow.

Just been one of those weeks! I usually spend a good chunk of my Saturday on the comic, but wasn't able to yesterday as my aunt got married, so there was muchos shopping for clothes and then attending said event.

Even this morning I was still actually DRAWING the comic! But I managed to get it all done, and then I had to sort of get it looking half decent, before I could get down to colouring it.

Well on my way though, got about half my base colours down, and it's the hard half. :)

Tomorrow I hope to finish my base colours, shade, then upload. Stay tuned. :)


Archiving like it's 1999!

Automatic Archvies are Automatically Awesome!

Updated: Tuesday 15th September 2009
09.30 GMT

Just a wee quick update to show what I did last night!

If anyone has noticed, I haven't been updating the archive for a while...mostly because I keep forgetting! I had an idea though using my limited knowledge of PHP to get the site to automatically display the comics in the archive section!

It totally worked!

It took me a while, which is probably shouldn't have if I wasn't so bad at coding, but here it is!

Now you can look back at the wonder that is my comics. XD

Now if I can just get it to split them into Chaptisodes, Character Intro's, etc., then I'll be jamming. :)


Chaptisode 30 busts up the barbie!

Re-schedule. Re-sort. Re...something else! :)

Updated: Sunday 13th September 2009
21:45 GMT

So! Looks like I'll be upadting every Sunday!

I've never had a schedule to follow, for the simple reason that I didn't want to be tied down to any specific day, but turns out I work better under some sort of pressure...who knew? :)

Originally I thought Thursday should be the day, but since I have updated the past 2 Sunday's and with Jonathan having such a hectic schedule meaning he can only really update during the week, I thought it best to make it Sunday.

This means there will be at least one update a week, and with Classic Heroics, This is Bob, and the ocassional Bobby Boxershorts and Cheesy Chum then we're onto a winner!

The story is moving on nice, so prepare for SQUARE next chaptisode!


Thirty-Four's the way to go

Creativity for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Updated: Wednesday 09th September 2009
20.50 GMT

Wow, updates galore! Iím loving it! So whatíd you guys get up to this week? Bit bored? Bit busy? Busy yet bored?

I try and go snowboarding on Wednesdays, but Iím skint. So as you can see from the time Iím updating instead. I done the comic yesterday and the blog today (over lunch of course!) and itís kind of like coming in to your dinner made for you, no messing about, just updating.

Iím loving the new chaptisodes. I try and write several chaptisodes at the one time, it helps creativity Ďcause everything tends to flow, instead of stopping/starting all the time. Now itís time to make the next batch and I love sitting down and getting the ideas flowing and down on paper. Itís great to be creative.


Chaptisode 29, comic 47! Which is correct? You decide!

Major update week comes to a close! :)

Updated: Sunday 6th September 2009
13:25 GMT

Well this was my best week yet! Thanks to everyone for being patient with me!

I had a week off work last week, which is why I was on the offensive with the updates! Plus I kinda owe everyone since the lack of updates beforehand!

Also, I'm going to re-shuffle the comics soon. Reason being that, back when we introduced The Bus and Dr. Java, it was because the very next comics included them! When we introduced the 5 SQUARE characters, it was for the same reason! However, as they are baddies, they are out back with Java during his presentation, and thus, having SPHERE appear out back without first going through the house didn't seem right!

So, what do this mean? Well, I'm after Chaptisode 30, I'm going to move the SQUARE character intro's. Rather than them being before Chaptisode 26, they'll now be before Chaptisode 31! To be honest, you probably wont notice, but it will make more sense once I do it! :)


bob is a basketcase

Always be prepared, but then remember that you are!

Updated: Friday 04th September 2009
12:30 GMT

This comic has actually been ready since a week after the last one went up, but because I was so pleased to have it done in good time, I forgot to send it to the boys to update lol. It wasnít until Adam called me to ask about it that I remembered so apologies. (Adam: Also I asked for it 2 weeks ago and this is me just putting it up so, my fault too!)

I would now like to put something witty or insightful that Iíve been thinking or doing lately but the truth is I donít have anything, for health reasons iv been laying pretty low lately, just getting a little uni work done and being introduced to Sims by Helen.

Sims which by the way has taken over a significant part of my life, this I realise is beyond sad and I can only justify it by saying that i wasnít doing anything anyway. Itís not that I stopped doing interesting things to play Sims, itís that i had to stop doing the interesting things anyway and then Sims filled the things to do hole in my life lol. And after playing it for more hours then Iím going to admit Iíve thought up a good tag line for it. ďSims, Look like a geek on the outside while feeling like an all powerful being on the insideĒ.


Classic 33 fights it's way to the out!

Back on the road

Updated: Wednesday 2nd September 2009
21.37 GMT

Lol :)

Went back and read all the chaptisodes there from the beginning. You forget how good they are :)

If you've not read them all in a row in a while, start from the start, then buy a T.

Talking about tea, check out www.teapigs.co.uk they're like Innocent of Teaworld! Tell them I sent you, you might get a discount!

I'm drinking some green tea atm. The awesomeness never stops :)


Robbie Boxershorts and Robbie's Chums!


Updated: Tuesday 01st September 2009
15:00 GMT

Right! Making sure I keep up my promise of several updates this week! And not the Scott Ramsoomair type of "update". :)

Here we have another comic by Ryan and Matthew of Bobby Boxershorts and Cheesy Chum. It's based on a true story about their friend who was in an accident, and they got together with just about every single person they knew and made a comic for him!

I intentionally didn't ink or colour this one because I hated defacing their work, and you don't get to see just how much work they put into it, and all the little details like the t-shirt that says "My Other T-Shirt Wasn't Clean". Fantastic.

They're great guys. We met them in June for their Leaver's Night, and they're easily our #1 fans. Which is great coz I think we're THEIR #1 fans.

Keep up the good work guys!

Everyone else head over to the Bobby Boxershorts and Cheesy Chum section and check out the new comic.


Chaptisode 28 months late!

More lateity then a pair of Latechucks!

Updated: Sunday 30th August 2009
12:00 GMT

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates recently.

This update is the first of several coming to you this week. And will include another chaptisode, This is Bob, another comic by Ryan and Matthew of Bobby Boxershorts and Cheesy Chum, and possibly another Classic Heroics.

It's been delay after delay but I'll make it up to you this week.

I've been playing the beta for Champions Online for the past couple of weeks and I'm loving it. Definitely check it out once it is released here on Friday.

It's a superhero MMO, spritiual successor to City of Heroes. One thing I've been doing is making the Cut the Heroics characters in the game, and a few of them tured out fantastic! So I may post them later on.

It's against regulations to post screenshots of the game as it is currently not released, but I'll probably post them at the end of the week.



We sell brown rice

Updated: Tuesday 04th August 2009
00:12 GMT

Well everything's working out over here in the crazy flat! I must admit, I thought it would just be comic central, but we've been too busy. Which is kinda the opposite than what I thought.

There's other stuff I want to do though too when I get the time. I know I've spoke about it before but I want to get my book written. It's going to be awesome. I'm really looking forward to it.

I was talking to my Aunt Frances the other day and she was saying that she always reads the last couple of chapters of a book first. Now, this to me sounds like total crazyness, but her reasoning behind it is that she always finds that a book is always better the 2nd time round. Anyone else do this? I might send her a chapter of my book at a time so she's forced to read it the way the author intended :)


Life begins at 31.

More Stabbity then a pair of Swordchucks!

Updated: Wednesday 16nd July 2009
01.03 GMT

Don't you just sometimes feel that the world is against you? Trying to stop you from doing something awesome? That's how I was feeling when I was posting this classic. So annoying.

Anyway, it's a good one so enjoy.

Well that's me moved in with Adam and Helen! There's lots of banter, lots of City of Heroes (or at least there will be) and no arguments about dishes! Yet.

It's great that we live together and do the comic together, it makes a big difference.

Miss the dogs though...


Chaptisode 27!

His favourite song is Number One.

Updated: Wednesday 08th July 2009
00:45 GMT

Hey guys,

Little debate going down with what to do with this chaptisode, but we got it sorted.

Originally the script Jonathan gave me for Chaptisode 26 was so long I couldn't fit it in a regular comic due to my dismay. I thought drawing it in a larger size would solve this problem, but all it really did was provide a need to draw the frames much larger, and save no space in the long run. So! I had to cut out a section of the story which involved Incontinence-Man getting cookies out of the oven.

This created a problem where I wasn't sure whether to continue or to piece together the missing parts into a new chaptisode, so I let Jonathan decide, and here's what he came up with! Fantastic.


Issue 2 Bobs about

A second home

Updated: Wednesday 01nd July 2009
19:26 GMT

So it's been nearly a month since I last posted, there was a slight delay cos I had to wait till the boys had time to show me how to update. But to be honest this probably won't be a unusual occurrence, I'll try and keep the updates to around every two weeks but I can't really promise anything, I will do my best to make them good to make up for it thought : )

Classic 30 knocks down another landmark!

His fav movie is Twister.

Updated: Tuesday 23th June 2009
23.48 GMT

Well a big thanks to all the folks who read our stuff. With the arrival of Bob and the Chaptisodes back underway with a double size issue, things are just getting better and better!

I hope you think so too, so mail us and let us know what your thoughts are - Do you like Bob? What's your fav classic? What would you have the Cut The Heroics crew do?

Writers have loads of ideas. Some work and some don't. Some seem to be a good idea, but there's nothing behind it to develop it into something good. But when there's a good idea that works and that can be developed, well you only need one of those.

If you have an idea, get it on paper. Develop it, run with it and see what it looks like at the end. It'll be awesome :)


Return of the Chapti! Revenge of the Sode! #26!

A Month?

Updated: Thursday 11th June 2009
19:00 GMT

Ok, I haven't done anything in a month, and I sincerely apologise. There has been a few comics to tide you until my triumphant return, so I hope you don't hate me too much.

UPI of the day! Did you know the last numerical chaptisode was back on 25th December 2008? Since then there has been 1 Birthday Comic, 2 filler art, 5 character intro's,  5 issue mini-series starring Biff Kid, 7 classic heroics, 1 This is Bob, 1 Bobby Boxershorts and 1 Cheesy Chum! BUT the main story has been put on hold for just under 6months! Crazy! Which (despite the fact that I haven't done anything for a month) still works out to just under a comics every week.

Anyway! Enjoy. :)


bob'ing for apples...that wasn't even witty!

So...this is bob!

Updated: Thursday 04th June 2009
23.15 GMT

Hey, so my first Ďthis is bobí is up, I realise the link has been there for while but genius takes time so itís just a sacrifice you had to make. But the waiting is over, and you can now be rewarded with the grand opening of the íthis is bobí page.

You might remember me mentioning when I filled in for Jonathan so spectacularly on classics, that my cousin co-founded bob, so big thanks and a cookie to her for letting me run with it and put it up. It actually wasnít my idea to put the comic up; Adam just added a link and told me I had to put some up now cos people were expecting it,  at this point Iím not sure if he deserves a cookie, Iím going to wait and see what the reaction to the comic is first lol.


Now THAT is a classic

Lots of superheroes wear tights, but she has the best tights ever

Updated: Sunday 31th May 2009
12.49 GMT

I am of course talking about Chun-Li. She should be a leg model...

Bob's on the way! Yaaaay!

We've been talking about bob for a while and Amy was showing us her layout and designs and story ideas and it's all looking very strong.

Completely unrelated to the Cut the Heroics universe just like BBandCC, but the style also feels like somewhere inbetween CtH and Classic Heroics.

With a release date of "very soon", let us know what you think.


Well deserved rest I think. :)

Working hard and not at all!

Updated: Monday 25th May 2009
14.20 GMT

How is everyone doing?

I've been pretty out the mood lately. Mostly due to attempting to keep the site afloat in Jonathans holiday absence, but also a few other things.

I have the pencils drawn up for the next chaptisode, and have sent on the next set of Classic scripts to Jonathan, so we've got stuff on the way, I just needed a little break I think.

If you want to see what I've been doing check out the filler in the comic section. I'll be taking it down however when I do the next chaptisode.

Take care guys,

Special Birthday treat for my special lass.

Happy Birthday Helen! ^^

Updated: Saturday 09th May 2009
01:50 GMT

Well, this looks totally rushed, and that's coz it was! Had to be sneaky with this one since I only got the idea to do it today and Helen has been here the entire time.

If you look at it that way it's impressive. :D

Anyways, birthday humour in the comic section, and Happy 22nd Birthday to the sexiest girl alive. :D And Helen too, lol.


Classy Classic

Super Manga Binman!

Updated: Monday 04th May 2009
22.15 GMT

How cool would it be to be a binman? Really, don't you think it'd be awesome?

I mean, you need to work to get money, so that you can do... Well, whatever it is you do.
But a binman gets up early, works as fast as they can, and when all the streets are cleared they go home to spend their money on... Well whatever it is they do!
I do stuff and I wouldn't mind getting every afternoon off to do stuff that I like doing. It'd be awesome!

I'd maybe shower first though...

Classic 27 faces it's worst fear...

27. Half of 42 but with an extra 6.

Updated: Sunday 26th April 2009
20:25 GMT

I hope this looks ok. Took me ages to get the head (lol! The head!). You should have seen some of the mutant reject heads that I binned... I should have saved some of them lol, they really were quite funny :)

Also, once it was resized I noticed you couldn't really see the clock writing, but I named the comic what it said so even the hard of hearing can read it ok.

So we've ran out of comics. I've still not written up the next one, there are a couple of drafts but I've been so busy they've not been finalised yet. Want to hear what I've been doing? Ok then. - Well I've been writing up some new lessons that I learned in Okinawa for Karate that I've got twice a week - plus band practice too as we've got recording a week on Monday and there are still some major beats to be written - and my dad's computer got infected which I had to fix - and my mum needed stuff done on her's - and my gran's computer is broke and she wants wireless installed - plus my friends computer broke so I need to make time for that - and I try and go snowboarding on Tuesdays so my snowboarding buddy's prolly going to fall out with me lol cause we didn't go last week and I prolly won't have time this week - aaaaand my phone contract is up for renewal so I need to investigate a new one (phone contracts are important, so you want to make sure you get a good one) - aaaaaaaaaand my MOT's due and I know it's going to fail, so I need to work on that too. All that and a wee secret personal project too, which I can't tell you about yet. Busy times.

But at the top of that list is some green tea and a movie. Then some Chaptisode action! Ohhhhhh Yeah! It'll be awesome :)


Previous Adventures? I suspect you've used that previously.

Whoa! Comic 42?!

Updated: Friday 24th April 2009
18:45 GMT

The sharp eyed of the group may have noticed that the comic numbering has jumped from #29 to #42. And I'm afraid that's NOT because I've just uploaded 13 comics!

Basically, there has been 42 comics, and when the number is sitting counting only chaptisodes, I feel that it doesn't look as high as it should. A comic that is over a year old should have more than 29 issues! Hence, I've decided to show the number of comics as the big number, and the chaptisode number will still be written on the comic description just below.

When I was doing this Biff Kid series, I numbered them as chaptisodes because I didn't want to prevent my comic number from going up yet again, but now that I'm counting comics rather than chaptisodes, I've decided to remove the Biff Kid series from the numerically numbered chaptisodes.

This means squat to you guys I assume, lol, but thought it might be worth a mention. Another thing worth a mention is that it's happened on comic 42! Not intentional, but some of you may be aware that 42 is the answer to the universe, life, and everything, as told by Douglas Adams in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Read it if you haven't.

Finally, I also want to dedicate this chaptisode to my cousin Colin who died at the start of the month. May he rest in peace.


Click here for the index archive! (Nothing too exciting!)